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Jim Corbett National Park


Corbett’s wilderness is intriguing – leopards and tigers call it home, birds live in peace, locals enjoy the greenery, and tourists find the nature therapeutic. This 2-day getaway is thrilling as well as relaxing. But in case you’re planning an extended and exciting vacation, we suggest escaping to beautiful places to visit near Jim Corbett National Park.

Garjia Devi Temple

Garija (also spelled Girija) Devi Temple is built on a huge rock in the middle of River Kosi, in the vicinity of the park. Besides thousands of visitors that visit the temple through the year, an annual fair held on Kartik Poornima attracts natives and inhabitants from nearby villages. The view of the surrounding jungle that the temple offers is eerie yet serene.
Garjiya Devi Temple is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site that is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. This temple is located on the outskirts of Corbett National Park in Garjiya village near Ramnagar. This must visit temple is built on a rock in the middle of Kosi River and it is simply a worth visiting attraction. In order to get to the top of the temple, one has to climb a steep staircase and once there you can notice a 4.5 feet high idol of Girija Devi. You can also see the idols of Devi Saraswati, Lord Ganesha and Batuk Bhairava.

Hanuman Dham

Hanuman Dham is located in Ramnagar amidst peaceful and tranquil surrounding. This is a must visit attraction in Ramnagar district and the temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The architecture of the temple is splendid in appearance both interiors and exteriors. This well-known tourist attraction has an arched gateway to the temple that depicts two fishes on the gateway symbolizing fortune and prosperity. It gives a grand chhatri type of appearance in a hierarchical manner on ornate columns. The Hanuman Dham houses a sitting area, a meditation halls, a centre for disabled and a majestic temple of Shri Hanuman.
Hanuman Dham is located 7.5 kilometres from Ramnagar. You can get to and from taxi services from Ramnagar. You can go for a wildlife safari in Jim Corbett National Park and visit other attractions like Sitabani Temple, Devbhoomi Outdoor Adventure, Corbett Falls, Kosi River, Garjia Mata Mandir and Dhangarhi Museum.


Sitabani Jungle & Spa Resort is a mesmerising retreat that transcends one to another world. It is situated near the Corbett Tiger Reserve, home to several exotic and rare species of birds and animals. The most convenient modes of transport from the property are the Jolly Grant Airport and Ramnagar Railway Station.
Sitabani is a hard forest area. Not a part of the Corbett Tiger Reserve, but is the only spot for bird watching in Jim Corbett. The area is a favourite spot for tourists walking by and is popular because of its mention in the Hindu epic, Ramayana. The legend says that goddess Sita, wife of Lord Rama, spent some days of her exile in Sitabani. The entire place is protected and maintained by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).
Whole of forest area in Sitabani is open all round the year for safari tours and there is absolutely no limit of vehicles entering the area. Corbett national park authority does not offer the permit for the entry into this zone. Instead, Sitabani Forest Department provides the permit for jeep safari in this region. Sitabani forest zone also has a popular temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are shallow brooks flowing through the Sitabani, which offer enjoyable retreats to the tourists passing by. Tourists can also catch fishes and get excited about angling. It would indeed be a great idea to take a tour round this zone and get a real time glimpse of it. Since you can easily take a walk through the Sitabani region, it would become a memorable adventure for you.
Sitabani is one of the prominent zones which are always full with tourists. Most of the tourists entering Sitabani Jeep Safari zone are avid bird watchers. They have fair inkling to watch birds and the best part is that there are plenty of birds to watch around, all through the season. Tourists can also take a glimpse of vultures, which have almost disappeared from the cities and towns.
Sitabani Jungle & Spa Resort offers facilities like Wi-Fi, library, gaming zone, gym, spa, swimming pool and conference services for corporate events. One can indulge in numerous adventure-filled jungle activities when here.Guests can head to the in-house fine dining restaurant for exciting meals. Other options include pool-side dining and destination dining.

Corbett Waterfall

Eloped in the dense teak wood forest, Corbett Waterfalls dropping down from a height of 60 feet offer a refreshing break from tiring safari session. The area around the waterfall is just the perfect to enjoy a picnic. While visiting the waterfall, make a point to carry sufficient drink and food stock as there are no eating joints nearby. One can also enjoy birdwatching here.
Tourists can take buses or taxis from Kaladhungi (4 kilometers) and Ramnagar (27 kilometers). To reach the main waterfall, trek for approximately 1.5 kilometers from the parking area. Holiday in Corbett National Park should be avoided during the monsoon season as the region is prone to landslides and soil erosion. But tourists can visit the Corbett Falls throughout the year.

Corbett Museum

Located in the Kaladhungi, Corbett Museum is the heritage property of the Jim Corbett, the man behind the making of Corbett who was a renowned hunter turned environmentalist. The museum is built to commemorate his achievements and contribution in the making of the national park. The museum gives a peak in the wildlife of Corbett. Here on display are some belongings of Jim Corbett like personal articles, paintings, sketches, manuscripts and last hunt of its own. One can also visit the shop nearby the museums from to purchase some handicrafts.
At the museum, one can see the personal belongings, paintings, sketches and manuscripts of the Jim Corbett. The shop nearby sells some good handmade items. Tourists can also visit the Corbett Falls, which is 5 kilometers from the museum.

Corbett Adventure

Jim Corbett National Park is an eminent national park of India. It is positioned in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. The park has the honor of being the first national park in Asia. It stretches across 512 square kilometers of marshy and mountainous expanses. Two gorgeous rivers Ramganga and Kosi offer a new stature to Corbett’s exquisiteness.
Corbett national park is a second name of escapade. An adventure freak can enjoy here many hair rousing activities like safaris, bridge slithering, fishing and angling and river rafting. This protected area is the dream destination of all adventure hunters. One can say that Corbett is the superlative mishmash of loveliness, adventure, wildlife and fun.

Fishing & Angling

Corbett National Park is no less than an Eden for those who love fishing and angling. Ramganga and Kosi rivers offer an ample of opportunities for this recreational adventure. In Corbett, a freak of fishing can easily find Goonch, Silver and black Mahseer. Although, fishing is not permitted inside the park premises, one can enjoy this game in the nearby areas of the park. Best time for fishing in the areas around Corbett is from March to early June and then from end of September to late October. This time may vary due to rain.

River Rafting

River rafting in Jim Corbett is done near some of the most exquisite topographies offered by the Garhwal Himalayas. Clean beaches, rock-studded rapids, convergences of the rivers, fascinating ravines and few of the most admired temple towns, make the rafting expedition worth memorable. Rafting is an adventure for almost everyone. With skilled guidance and modern equipments, rafting is easy to learn and is secure as well. It takes you to the wild journey of your own. River rafting in and around Corbett is a wonderful adventure activity that can be done in the monsoon season only. An adventurer can undertake rafting activity in the Kosi River. There are grade I and II rapids on the rafting route in Corbett.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an adventure sport where the adventurers climb up and cross a rock formation. The adventure freaks undertake rock climbing to reach the uppermost point the rock without falling down. When a tourist is in Corbett, apart from animal and bird watching, he can try this exhilarating sport of rock climbing. Despite the fact that rock climbing is a treacherous activity and requires patience and physical strength, it creates lots of stimulation, and adrenaline rush. Corbett draws a good number of sport aficionados, especially for rock climbing.

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